Top Ways to Make Money Online right away in 2021

Who doesn’t like extra money?
Who wouldn’t like extra income?
If you are a college student, then who wouldn’t like extra pocket money? Whatever pocket money your parents give, if you get some extra money beyond that, it would be amazing if you’re working, then who wouldn’t mind extra money?

If by working at nights, on weekends, you get some extra money or Income, then why not.
So in the Post I’ll share with you 10 tips which will help you generate an extra Income.

Small Business

Start a small business,
the keyword is small, don’t make it big, no funding, don’t make it a unicorn, Simple fundamental business. There are many options these days to start a business, which doesn’t require a lot of investment and yet can make nice, happy additional income.

Small Business (Ways to Make Money for sure)

For example:- Cloud kitchen, these kitchens are not for dine in, they are only for delivery.
So you will have to make a kitchen, Set-up in a small place, which by the way you get on rent these days, and then decide on the cuisine, list yourself on Zomato or swiggy and then start selling, simple.

If you are in college, then start a small business of merchandise, T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps. There are so many clubs, So many festivals, do something there to earn an additional income.

Small Business (Ways to Make Money for sure)

If you’re in college, Food is always a great thing. If you live in hostels or if you’re a day Scholar and they want to have Maggie quickly, Cafe is far away, or they want biscuits or some drinks, anything that can help you run almost like a truck shop, a small shop where you’re selling little things only purely because of convenience.

If you are in then can you be the one doing it? Basically, Tip no. 1, start a small business.

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Graphic Designing

designer drawing sketches logo design. (Graphic designer)

Graphic designing.
Content has exploded, many people are creating a lot of content on social media, and they need help. They need graphic designer, those who can make Posters, images, Instagram stories and Instagram posts for them, and if you can Learn to do this which by the way is not very difficult, then you can actually start working for not just friends but companies as well and for a few hours get some really cool money made.

Web Development

Web development or App development if you can make a website or apps then you are gold. And the best thing that you don’t have to make huge websites, you have to make simple-template based websites which take less time but will give a huge output.

RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN colorful hand-drawn

For example: , all the restaurants, spas and salons of India have a pathetic website. I am sure that if you want you can start a small business in which you will make a website for them, maybe charge them 500 a month which is nothing for these businesses and the WordPress, which is a template, beautiful for creating websites, become an expert at that, make a template and build it for them.

Web development

Even if you get 100 such customers in a month, you are basically making 50,000 rupees in a month, not bad for just making websites.

App, nothing great, most simple app, with one-way communication in which I can only view things, Let’s say I am a restaurant or a spa or a salon again, which services are available, what are the timings, no reservations or booking only needed a simple interface which can tell consumer that what services are provided by this business and business will pay for it. All you have to do is be an app or web developer.

Top ways to Ways to Make Money

Ways to Make Money for sure

Top 10 Ways to Make Money from home

Ways to Make Money in India

Ways to Make Money for Students

App Development

Based on Above if you can make apps, not for someone else but for yourself, and for direct consumers. Simple apps, not complicated ones.

App development

For Example: , an app which sends a new joke every day, that’s it, there is no dearth of jokes, you can make a big library of jokes, all you have to do is send that joke every day. An app which shows people simple ways to make WhatsApp messages, like good morning messages, good night messages, happy Diwali, Eid Mubarak all of those.

Simple, straight forward app which doesn’t do complex things, and then you are listed on the play store or the Appstore for a ridiculously low price, 9 rupees, 30% of which Google or Apple Will take, even if you earn 6 rupees but if you are able to be downloaded 1000 times in a month, then you will have 6000 rupees, which will keep coming every month if you have paid a subscription. Beautiful way of creating a side income, minimal effort but maximum potential.

Creating Courses

Create courses, you know something, if you are in college then you know something that school students want to know, if you are working then you know something that college students want to know. Create courses, these courses can be about anything, not necessarily about academics or education.

Creating Courses (Ways to Make Money for sure)

You can create courses on fitness, music, Pottery, Painting, anything at which you are an expert. Nowadays, the best thing is that the whole world is online, everyone is comfortable to attend classes over zoom,

so, you don’t have to go anywhere, there is no geographical restriction, you can teach anyone from any city, any village, any corner of a street, from anywhere, and that is powerful, it is immensely powerful.

Video Editing Ways to make money

Video Editing

Video Editing. Video content has exploded, people like are making content everywhere, so people like to need video editors and if you know how to edit, if you know how to make those transitions that you can see everywhere too, there are supers flashing, (somethings are coming on screen, they are called supers,) slight music is there, slight touch-up feel is there, my face is glowing which doesn’t in reality, All those things are the job of the video editor and they’re in demand.

Content Writing

Content Writing. If you are good at writing then you are also gold. Because in today’s world, very few people write and there is a demand for content writers because there is a demand for content. It could be short form content like you can write short posts on social media or articles on LinkedIn.

Content Writing (Ways to Make Money for sure)

It can be long form content like you can write scripts for videos or make or edit material for a course, anything to do with content and many content companies which engage with these content writers and editors and hire them on a freelance basis because it has a high demand. So, if you are college student and you have the time then content writing is a great way for you to build a side income.


Proven and Standard, Internships. If you can do internships even when you are working, it is a great way for you to not just build a side income but also to get experience. For a college student, internships must be mandatory.

Internships (Ways to Make Money for sure)

The best way for you to get an experience and also make money is through internships. And nowadays, Most of the internships are paid, they may not be paying a lot but whatever little they pay, you are still getting the experience and you are making money, it’s the best of all worlds.

So, please do as many internships as you can, do as many internships in the area in which you will most likely be getting a job in future, if you want to explore something new because you don’t like your stream, you don’t like your college, you don’t like your work, field then use internships to get experience in a completely different domain. That will give you a lot of clarity about the things, you like and of course, Money along with it.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, it’s quite interesting. If you are in college or if you are working, you have a network, people that you know, they can be your fellow students, your fellow colleagues, your relatives, so on and so forth, then you can run your own affiliate program. This means that if you promote anything in this group or this network and if someone buys that thing using that link, then you get a percentage of that revenue.

Affiliate marketing

Every huge E-commerce website, Amazon, Flipkart and many others deals and discounts websites like and so on, they run affiliate programs. This means that if you share the link of a book from Amazon in your college, Saying ‘This book is amazing recommended by Elon Musk say it and you can buy it using this link’ , and if people buy that then you get a percentage from the sale of that book. Free Money for building a network and promoting products within that network.

And finally,

Selling E-Books

Ebook (Ways to Make Money for sure)

Sell E-books. If you know anything that can be incorporated in a book, it doesn’t need to be something which is theoretically or academic, it could be anything that you know. Maybe you are a graphic designer, and you want to create a book which tells people ‘ How to become a graphic designer? ’ , or you are video editor and want to write a book on that. Whatever the case maybe, its an E-Book so it would be in a PDF form, there are many book writing software available so, you would have to write and it will frame it in a book format, and then You go on Amazon and list it or self-Publish it.

Ebooks (Ways to Make Money for sure)

Since it is an electronic book, it wouldn’t be in a physical form and so it doesn’t need to be delivered to anybody, everything would be done electronically and you can sell it for whatever price you want, it is your choice but imagine that now for next 1-2-5-10 years, that book will keep selling and you will earn even when you are sleeping. Creating content is the best and by far the most effective way of creating an extra income.

Top ways to Ways to Make Money

Ways to Make Money for sure

Top 10 Ways to Make Money from home

Ways to Make Money in India

Ways to Make Money for Students

It is hard work, it is not easy but if you are able to do it then it becomes this absolutely well oiled machinery which works over the nights and you don’t have to work hard on it anymore, you have done it once and now it will keep making money. That’s the best part. These are the 10 tips for you on how to make an extra income.

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