How to make money online for beginners 2021

how to make money online for beginners ? Nowadays, everyone wants a job as well as other income source. But they don’t know How to Make money online For beginners in Hindi How to make money online for beginners Philippines How to make money online for beginners 2021 Ways to make money online How to make money online for free How to make money online without paying anything How to make money online for beginners Quora all queries answer in this post.

So if you are also looking at Ways to Make Money Online through internet and start earning money from your home then this blog is for you how to make money online for beginners 2021
I have suggested several ways in this blog how you can earn a lot of money by working from home.

For this you will need some skills and if you want to start earning, you should learn those skills.
You can sell online courses through which you can earn money in the coming days.
Internet jobs. New Ways to Make Money Online, people who do not know how to earn money online with google through internet, then this blog is going to help you in some ways as well as some skill development.

how to make money online for beginners


This is the first ways to make money online, if you like to write a lot, you can write content for websites. There are many blog websites on which a lot of content is published daily.

In a situation in which a person posts so much content in a single day, it is not so easy for him to write, so usually they hire a freelancer, so he writes the content for his website.

content writing

To write a post on such a blog, he gives a job to content writers to post daily on their blog and in return gives money to those content writers. This is a work that you can do from home and you can start earning money from the first day itself and you will start getting money according to the words of each post.

If you have written a post that contains 1000 words, you can get 200-500 or more for that post. The quality of your post depends on your post is how to make money online for beginners .

Suppose you have a good knowledge about one area and you can explain it well to someone by writing it in your own words, then you can do this work. So you need to find some blogs on which to publish blog posts of your choice.

Then you people have to email an owner of that blog, in which you will also have to show an example of your content. So in this way you can find the work of content writing. You can also work for more than one blog, and if you do not find such blogs.

 FREELANCER WEBSITES: – Fiverr, Freelancer, Truelancer, etc

  2 – VIDEO EDITING Ways to Make Money Online

Now-a-days such work (home to home jobs) is in great demand, as you all know that in 2020, video makers are increasing day by day. Whether they make videos on Youtube, Instagram, Tik-Tok or Facebook, you can make money by editing videos for these people, and in such jobs are Ways to Make Money Online by doing your favorite job.

Video Editing

There are many video creators who just need to create but those people are not able to edit their videos properly, in such a way you can edit their videos properly. There are people like Tik-Tok’s video producers who can only make videos.

So you guys can edit their video. If that producer lives near your house, you can also record his video.

To learn video editing, you find all such software on the Internet. The video has been edited. So if you want to learn video editing from mobile, then your best application is Kinemaster which you can download. And if you want to do video editing of your computer or laptop

content Writing

Top 5 Side Business for Students So you can use Adobe Premiere Pro or you can also use wondereShare, Filmora. Both are very good software, if you want to edit a good video, then you should use Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can go to Connaught Place in Delhi to do the job of video editing, you will find many people here who would like to edit their videos, or if you do not live in the city of Delhi, you can see a big park in your house You can go home or any place where people like to take photos.

In such a place, you can easily find work, and when you go to search for work, you should take some videos in your mobile which you have edited very well. So that they can know how much work you get by looking at your work.


Do you know that students can also earn money by teaching online? One of the Ways to Make Money Online. So if you do not know much about it, you will get it from this post of ours. Online tutoring means that whatever subject you have is very good, you can teach the children of that subject online. You can do this through video.

For this, you should have some knowledge about internet and computer so that you can edit and upload your videos online. But you have to invest a little (investment) only then you can earn money in this way.

Online Teaching

If you do not want to invest money, you can also start a YouTube channel where you can teach children, but in this way you can take some time to earn money.

To teach online tension, you get all the websites where you can upload your videos and read to children and also earn money. Some of which are website names: –


This is a website where you make money by teaching online tuition to children. If you run a tuition class, you can teach about 50-60 children at one place and there, but if you teach online, you can teach thousands of children simultaneously. So in this way you can earn money by teaching online tuition to children.

This is one such Ways to Make Money Online or if you are earning money by working from home. From this website, you can earn money by doing any work if you have good knowledge about the camera and you take very good pictures, but you can also get work here if you know how to run MS-Office or Photoshop . Comes well

how to make money online for beginners 2021

     4. FREELANCING (Work From Home Jobs)


You will get all such work here, people work here if you will earn money by doing that work. You will find some websites where you can find work of your choice.


The websites I mentioned above are very popular freelancing websites and create your account and start working. And you will get freelancing work.

You can also talk to them about whatever work you like, such as: – In how many days you have to complete that work or how much money you will get for doing that work, then you should ask them all such things needed.


In all the ways I mentioned above, you are working for someone else.

If you want to make money fast for a short time, follow the methods mentioned above. If you want a consistent income source, you can do it on YouTube or blogging or both.

YouTube and Blogging

Nowadays there are many YouTubers who are doing both Blogging and YouTube together and they are making money in both. But first you succeed in one thing, then you can do both together.

On both YouTube and Blogging, you can monetize the content you create through Google Adsense. And then ads will run in our videos and blog posts, when people click on those ads. When you have a minimum amount of $ 100 in your Google Adsense account, Google will transfer that money to your bank account.

If you want to start a YouTube channel, make some videos on your channel in the Tech category, then I want to tell you one thing that will make your channel grow in a very long time.

Ways to Make Money Online on youtube?
21 YouTube channel views in 2021
How much does youtube pay for 1 thousand views?

To get ideas in the Tech Category channel, create a troubleshooting video. If you solve the problem of the video, then your video will definitely be considered.

And when you start blogging I recommend not working on keywords with more difficulty. Work on low competition keywords

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